Turning an ordinary office into the ultimate dental office is the best experience for a professional. This experience stems from intelligent integration and design incorporated within our Treatment Centers and cabinetry solutions.

Join us for one of six exclusive TRENDS events!* Experience a unique design and integrated tour, focused on building the ultimate integrated office with optimal material, people and digital workflows. The TRENDS event not only offers an exclusive tour of a fully integrated office, but also shows you how to integrate digital technologies like CEREC and 3D imaging and plan for easy expansion in the future. Combining peer-to-peer education, interactive workshops, case studies on equipment ROI, and product insights turns the TRENDS event into a great opportunity for every dentist!

Our goal is to provide each dentist with an opportunity to experience the function, comfort, and aesthetics perfectly coordinated for an ideal interplay of all details – in the ultimate dental office!  

We will showcase technologies which help you improve efficiency and stand out from other dental offices, market your digital practice, and invest in your business for future growth. We highlight the harmonious interplay of workflow integration and design, along with the positive impact on your patient’s experience. The optimized dental office means efficient, ergonomic, and comfort for the practitioner and patient.

We help you build YOUR ultimate integrated digital dental office! Visit TRENDS.

Stay tuned for more information!

*Space is limited