Human-centric design plus digital innovation provides limitless potential. Smart designs engage, interact, and increase your team’s effectiveness.

  • Human-centric design
  • digital innovation
  • limitless potential
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Together, we will bring your ultimate, integrated office to life.

Plan and Build

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Dental Office Plan

  • 1

    Front desk

  • 2

    Office support

  • 3

    Reception area

  • 4

    Consultation office

  • 5

    2D/3D imaging room

  • 6

    Hygiene operatory

  • 7

    Restorative/Surgical operatory

  • 8

    Procedural setup area and consumables central storage

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  • 9

    ITC (Sterilization)

  • 10

    Lab (Conventional and digital)

  • 11

    Bulk storage

  • 12

    Team lounge

  • 13

    Mechanical room

  • 14

    Doctor’s office

  • 15

    Server room

  • 16

    CEREC® milling

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Plan and Build

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Digital Workflow

A seamless flow of clinical data and imagery is instantly available at your fingertips from the moment a patient arrives.


Access patient data from any digitally integrated system in the office; from the reception desk to every operatory.


A patient’s complete digital profile including procedural information, imaging data, and scheduling information is available in every operatory.


2D/3D digital X-ray images can be consulted by clinical team and presented to patient at any location within the office.


Patient procedural information available in sterilization and storage area allows clinical team to prepare for procedures in advance, making setup and cleanup quick and efficient.

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Plan and Build

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Instruments/Materials Workflow

Centralized storage and sterilization ensures a seamless flow of instruments and materials, creating a safe, serene, and efficient environment for patients and clinical team.


Streamline organization and access of required supplies with a procedure setup system.


Increase clinical team efficiency with easy access to centralized sterilization area from all operatories.


Enhance your patient’s experience and eliminate clutter by only storing general consumable supplies and anesthetics in each operatory.


Improve inventory management, expiration monitoring, and supply distribution with a centralized consumable storage area.


Increase operational efficiency by by optimizing bulk storage area.

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Plan and Build

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Clinical Team/Patient Workflow

A practical, efficient floor plan streamlines the patient and clinical team experience from initial reception to post-appointment follow-up, minimizing clutter and distractions evdery step of the way.


Enhance your patient’s experience and increase case acceptance by educating them on procedures in quiet, private operatories and consultation room.


Reduce unproductive clinical team time and movement with a centralized consumable and instrument processing and storage area.


Create an efficient and serene environment for both patients and clinical team by de-cluttering your operatories with minimal cabinetry.


Optimize your office layout for maximum productivity and revenue generation; right-size your reception area for just-in-time appointments.


Establish a lounge away from the main flow of patient traffic for the clinical team to train, grow, and relax.

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Optimize Your Workflow

Selecting the right treatment centers, instruments, and technologies for your office is key to form a seamless and simplified procedural workflow.


New Construction/ Expansion
Scalable to accommodate growth
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A Dentsply Sirona Treatment Center is the central focus of your operatory, integrating instrumentation, intraoral and extraoral imaging, CAD/CAM, cabinetry, and more—right at your fingertips.



Galileos® X-ray

Sterilization Cabinetry

Operatory Cabinetry


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From rendering to reality, Dentsply Sirona puts your perspective in the spotlight. 

Select a Doctor To See Their New Practice

“Attention to detail”

"Attention to detail"

Jenny Apekian, DDS

An accomplished artist, Dr. Apekian's attention to detail shows in her office and on her canvas, too.

Dr. Jenny Apekian Practice in 3d

Take a virtual office tour and experience the Dentsply Sirona difference.

“Attention to detail”

"My dream office"

Mona Patel, DDS

In an office where integration is everything, Teneo is a natural fit.

Dr. Mona Patel Practice in 3d

Take a virtual office tour and experience the Dentsply Sirona difference.

“Attention to detail”

"Comprehensive solutions"

Sam Bollwinkel, DDS

It’s not about just integration, it’s also about compatibility. Dentsply Sirona does both.

Dr. Sam Bollwinkel Practice in 3d

Take a virtual office tour and experience the Dentsply Sirona difference.

“Attention to detail”

"Efficiency at its core"

David Juliani, DDS

The office flow is as efficient as possible—and equally as enjoyable.

Dr. David Juliani Practice in 3d

Take a virtual office tour and experience the Dentsply Sirona difference.

Inspiring Spaces from Dr. David Juliani

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Streamline organization and access of required supplies with a procedure tub system.